Thursday, 25 September 2014

Previously, Jennifer Rachel Natasya or who is familiarly called Rachel is a shy girl. But thanks to becoming a member of JKT48, she grew into a figure more confident and disciplined.

"Can more disciplined and independent. For example when talking in front of the class for a presentation, be more daring,"
Rachel said when met at the theater JKT48, fX Sudirman.

Just like girl the same age, Rachel was through the day at school. Although tired of having to divide their time between education and career, she was happy living it.

"Sometimes too tired but happy to run it. Especially friends at school is fun, supportive, although inquisitive, often ask,"
said the girl who was in the 10th grade this school. 

Considering was in school, many of friends who asked for a picture together. Unfortunately only the fellow girl friend wants to take pictures because she feel uneasy. As for the guy friend, Rachel will firmly refused.

"If a girl friend it was fine. If the guy who asked, it can not because there are rules. Prohibited photographed together with a guy even he is my own brother,"
she concluded.


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