Monday, 29 September 2014

There was no denying now that JKT48 is the largest and most successful idol group ever in Indonesia. Following in the footsteps of their sister group AKB48, JKT48 slowly also earned its own place in the hearts of music fans Indonesia and has a fairly militant fans. 

Indeed, it has two major teams, it is certain that if the number of members of JKT48 is very much. You alone was not necessarily able to memorize all names members of JKT48 appropriately. Luckily for the members who often appeared in ads or show such as one of them is the captain of main team of Team J, Devi Kinal Putri.

Her important position as a captain, making Kinal has her own fans. Not surprisingly, Kinal have a lot of things that could make men fascinated to her. What kind anyway?

1. A Captain 

So far, the number of member idol group JKT48 is 72 people. And a very large number when compared to the band that ever existed in Indonesia. From the dozens of young girls, divided into two teams on Team J and Team KIII. 

Besides the two teams, JKT48 already have three generations of training student have dozens of trainees who could be a member to join their team. It is certain that the group or team have the figure of the chairman. In JKT48 itself, the position was named captain of the team. Lucky, Devi Kinal Putri who called as Kinal is captain of Team J, the first and most popular team of JKT48. 

Being a team captain, then Kinal certainly continue into the spotlight in a variety of looks.

2. Original Bandung

The girl who was dubbed as "Kiyeon" by her fans, apparently not much different with most other JKT48 members from Bandung. Yep, since childhood, Kinal apparently been studying in Bandung. As a Bandung girl, of course Kinal blessed with a beautiful face like most typical Sundanese girls other.

Born on January 2, 1996, it means Kinal this year aged 18 years. Age for a girl growing up. At once when she was in high school, Kinal often must be willing to back and forth Bandung-Jakarta to fulfill a variety of activities with JKT48.

3. Long-haired Beauty 

Since first joining JKT48, the public already know Kinal as a short-haired girl. One member who boyish in this JKT48 do feel more comfortable with short hair because it has become her daily life. 

But it seems like Kinal want to make the fans happy. Although this is not her real hair, Kinal briefly appeared with extensions that make it look like long-haired. With her appearance like this, all the fans agreed that if the third child of four siblings was indeed beautiful long hair. Agree?

4. Follow K-Pop Dance Cover

Did you know that girl who idolizes Atsuko Maeda in AKB48 is the one of the main dancers on JKT48? Her ability to dance is becoming one of the advantages of Kinal. Not without reason, because apparently before joining JKT48, Kinal is a member of the group K-Pop dance cover, Secret Girls.

After joining the Secret Girls, in 2010, Kinal which is still in junior high school became a member of the group Queen A, Queen A is a special dance cover for the K-Pop girl band Miss A. In Queen A, KINAL assigned to cover members Fei, also known as best dancer.

5. Hobbies playing games 

If most girls hobby collecting beautiful items such as handbags or heels, then it looks like Kinal hobby can be considered different. The girl who has blood type A is unsparing love to play games. A habit that is not favored by the majority of girls. 

Even Kinal honestly say that she is more interested in playing games with the theme of war. In addition to gaming hobby, Kinal also like to read comics and watch animated movies. Well, if you become her lover, seems like it would be fun to spend time with a girl who does not like orange, isn't?

6. Cover Girl Finalists

Seeing her performance, Kinal is very identical as a tomboyish girl. But apart from that, the girl who claimed that Beby was her first friend in JKT48 because the same audition in Bandung having a beauty that undeniable anymore.

In 2011, Kinal was even chosen as a finalist GADIS cover. That means that this event occurred when she was 15 years old when sitting at the end of junior high school. Kinal was chosen as a finalist in the popular teen girl magazine in Indonesia was prove if she does have a charm that undeniable anymore.

7. Love Vacation

Her work as captain of Team J is making Kinal should remain with her colleagues in JKT48. With scheduled to appear either in theater or show on the air, Kinal does have a limited time to be happy herself.

But Kinal seems to always having time to take advantage of time on the sidelines of fresh JKT48 schedule. Kinal is more hobby to travel alone is always took time to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the location where JKT48 is located.

Well, do you want a vacation with Kinal?


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