Friday, 4 July 2014

Reflecting on Melody JKT48

"Langit itu tidak akan indah tanpa awan, seperti aku, kalian tidak akan lengkap tanpa ada aku . Aku Chika!"

(The sky will not be beautiful without a cloud, like me, you would not be complete without me. I'm Chika!)

That's a third-generation member of JKT48, Chika Ravenska Mamesah when greeting HAI a while ago. With a pitched jikoshoukai spirit as above, who would not be affected by the spirit of the girl who was born in Bandung, March 18, 1996.

Chika, that's her nickname, just graduated from high school and she has a lot of plans to dye his future.

"My plan was postponed first to go to college, I'm want to focus with JKT48," she said, looking cheerful.

Reflecting Melody JKT48, Chika actually wished she could emulate the success of her seniors in the JKT48. Could split time between her education and career.

"Melody was a cool girl because she could be in JKT48 but also college in Bandung, I also want to like it, but later on if i'm going to college, I just want to choose in Jakarta. To avoid go back and forth," said Chika who had felt exhausted undergo prep school routines and become a member of the third generation. 

"Overall I want to grow with JKT48, by being here, my hope is that we are growing, but in the future, I want to go to college by taking jurisprudence," she added

"Now I've finished the National Exam, previously I have to back and forth Jakarta-Bandung. Each finished school at 12:00 PM I usually direct to Jakarta and exercise, the return night at 03:00 AM, immediately after that school again," she explained while struggling entered JKT48

"Yes, initially tired but after joining, I enjoy completely," she added.

Memorable On Sixth Single Election

Chika said, struggle to train hard together 30 members to other 3rd generation already had produced results. Her feel appreciated and proud to have been able to dye JKT48 in this new generation.

"Until now, the most memorable was the moment sixth single election. OK, the 3rd generation did not follow the election, but we can be an opportunity for performance. And it makes us all happy, could be part of the show, "
she explained.

She said again, although not to the setlist, he still believes the 3rd generation have advantages and uniqueness of each than the previously generation.

"Well want to know what it is, wait for the surprise, still secret, just wait,"
she did not want to divulge even when they have a new setlist for the gig regularly in JKT48 Theater Senayan.

The Honest

As Chika Ravenska Mamesah said, JKT48 entry process was not easy. Not just once or twice audition only tests faced by prospective members, but many times.

For Chika, There is a uniqueness and remembered until now, until finally she could penetrate JKT48 family in the third generation.

"At that time, I showed my eyes are slanted side, but because honesty I acknowledge this uniqueness, then the jury believed in my abilities,"
said the girl graduates from social science classes, at one high school in Bandung.

Although the slanted side, Chika know how to handle it and not even the same as the spirit of the half-and-half ..

"Yes, they said my eyes slanted door. There is one eyelid, the other is not. But that's me, always honest and admit something. If I do not like something or being liked by someone I usually just tell it,"
she explained.

But you need to know, not only just be honest if you want to get into JKT48. Chika said, retain talent and ability are also important.

"Honestly it was one point only, but the dancing talent that I have had since kindergarten, to be demonstrated with all out as well,"
said Chika who memorized dozens of traditional and modern dance.

From K-Pop to J-Pop

"Instead of wanting to arrogant, I have the talent of dance since kindergarten. And has always been like K-POP cover dance, such as Super Junior, Girls' Generation, and SHINee. Yes, although much cooler than I am, but this talent that made me into a part JKT48,"
said a girl who comes from Cileunyi, Bandung.

According to Chika, JKT48 entry process was not easy. Not once or twice audition only, but also tested many times. Personality problems are also disclosed.

"So, when the jury says, 'what would you like and dislike?'
. Then I say that I like this and that, one of which I honestly say I like K-Pop. And I showed that my dancing talent. I also like the Kinal said JKT48 from one generation, we have in common, both of Bandung, and age as well, she also used to love K-Pop,"
she explained at length.

Since then, the jury appreciated the honesty of the girl who love the color purple. Although it was not expected despite was originally K-Pop lover, instead she became part of J-Pop music.

"Well, I did not expect too. But I still want to show to a lot of people, if the 3rd generation was better than the two previously generations. And hopefully inspire more people, and make many people happy as well,"
she said confidently.


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