Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Celebrating a birthday in the theater become a tradition of its own for the idol group JKT48. However, despite joined since 2011, this was the first birthday of a member of team J, Shania Junianatha was celebrated in the theater.

In the previous year there was no activity in the theater. Therefore Shania seemed surprised and then burst into tears when Beby and Kinal appeared carrying a birthday cake with a decorative figure of 16, this celebration was held after the event JKT School at the JKT48 Theatre, FX Plaza, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (07/01/2014) night.

"Finally celebrated in Theatre,"
said the sweet girl who was born on June 27, it was with a slight laugh.

"How could I not celebrated a birthday in the theater, and Shania says that while grumbling and crying cry so,"
said Kinal.

 Several 3rd generation members of JKT48 who attendance in JKT48 School not missed to participate says congratulate. Moreover, in the theater also played voice note from Rena Nozawa which contains a birthday greeting for Shania. Rena itself has now been transferred from JKT48 to AKB48.

"Maybe you assume that I'm not the old Shania, but I'm up to now still Shania as usually. Let us together struggled for the future could be better,"
she said encouragingly.


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