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On August 11 yesterday, JKT48 has announced that Shaffa Nabila (Afa JKT48) from the team trainees has resigned (Pengumuman Mengenai Shaffa Nabila (

10 days previously there has been an interesting discussion about this in the group JKT48 fans. I just picked up one of these topics in post blog

to avoid unwanted things, then intentionally direct link from here facebook profile account has been deleted

Andre J. Wibowo‎ - ★JKT48 no Fansu!★


- Seriously what is it, haha... Uh, why do not you use twitter in that account again? - Haryo Sapto Aji

It's okay, more fun to use my old account haha 

- This is serious fa. I do not know but I doubt 
whether this is the real you or not. Afa that I know it is not the girls who like this, at the stage that you personally appear to cheerful and looks comfortable with your status now as become an idol. but who also can know a person's heart .. I was one of the people who idolize you, not personnel bigbang. hmm

This is the real me anyway hehe, maybe because you do not know what the real me ... hehehe

- Btw, i add your account path, OK~ - JulskyErsky

Owkeeyy hehe

- Single or taken (*date)?

Taken hahaha

- You've taken ... seriously? gosh...... when is my time? : v

Rightt.. haha .. just be patient, you may soon

- Wkwkwkwkw .... did you 
not afraid of getting caught by JOT? be careful do not stubborn!

: ((Hemm hahhaha

- Nah it 
should be "shafa" not "shaffa" it is not right, aren't? "/

Yeahh... hufttt

-at time
breaking fast event yesterday with the third generation, are you also joined? At that crowded event ..

Not participate hehehe

- Why you not updated instagram again sighh :(

I'll update later when mudik (*travel to homecoming) hahaha

- If I'm follback in your socmed bird, if it granted? wa a a a a - Pandu Dwi Putra

Socmed birds in where? there are two

- Both of them also allowed fa hahaha - Pandu Dwi Putra

If in the official, i could not, later entered Reupload

- alone ???? jomblo (*single) yaaa

Yes, jomblo hahaha .... but not really

- How do you think about a cool guy, shaf?

The guy who keeps cool style not sensitive hahaha

- The main thing that was ........ weve ever treated you so bad, shaf? ._.

Hemm already past need not be discussed again yaaa

- Mudik to where sis?

To jogja, continues to solo

- Shaf, how much you have a boyfriend? : p

Just one

- Why you did join the Gen3?

Do not know, just destiny hehe 

- Follow the HS event does not, fa?

I do not know ......

-Shaf, why do not use your twitter account that with the blue tick?

just nothing hehehe

-Your instagram is not run anymore shaf??

Later hahaha

- What is your ig shaf?


- Have a boyfriend how much sis?

Alhamdulillah only one :)

- Are you do not realize fa, by making like this you break the rules?

consciously anyway

- If you know why still continued, fa?

I don't care

- You do not reproved by JOT that you have a boyfriend?

Do not know, I don't care

- There is a plan for graduation with a good way?


- Wah are you seriously want to graduation? yaaah, i just recently want to have oshi again ... - Sofi Fauziah Arifin

Yeaah, it seems so hehe

- Shaf, I was entrusted the something for you from one friend, it's nothing really, but I'm confused where could i want to give to you, you never go to fx again right?? ah sh*t - Taufik Setiawan

It still I suppose

- Oh, theater next week still perform right shaf?? keep performed so please.. hhehe - Taufik Setiawan



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  • Aura Losarandi one down
  • Aldi hufff 
  • Herdian Pratama it's hoax news
  • Riawan Cally It has been showed if the afa was indeed just want to looking the name and would exist only in JKT without any sense at all to want to work hard in the idol world. Honestly, I do not like the member who had spoiled and lazy character in the hope of just want to get at the name only ....
  • Aldi if indeed it is a hoax news, the real afa should confirm it because this news is really widespread now  
  • Herdian Pratama this deed by usman
  • Aldi Well, just waiting the 'real' afa for confirmation. certainly she did not want her name defamed like this right ?? she should confirmation and clarification. 
  • Riawan Cally if I could wished, if it can be happend i just want to from the JOT and Afa side directly confirm that, so this news is not confusing or gray again, bro ...
  • Andyca 'Ares' Ar-Rasyid if analyzed on a case by several ex-members such as: Octi, Nichan, karin, dhifa
    Afa graduation real possibility of about 80%.

    we can see from all these examples, suddenly lost, not activate her account, and suddenly there is a new account.
    before JOT give official announcement, they will not be used for clarification first
  • Rifaldo Chaniago bye bye tomochin KW super 
  • Rifaldo Chaniago but I just can not think that it is could be as fast as this, I think the new graduation attack will happen in november <= month sacred to JKT wota
  • Andyca 'Ares' Ar-Rasyid She graduates as well, then we can also do what the heck?. Last year I also can not do anything when my oshi member said in front face to graduate at the time of the event HS (handshake).
    if she is already does not like in that world, so we could not do anything

  • Andyca 'Ares' Ar-Rasyid just want to write the words of a friend who is stella oshi:
    "Obviously, if we choose her as oshi members, we should still support her whatever her decision., And although she had not there anymore we have to keep support her."
  • Alex Utama In the next day also would appear to anyone who just wants to ride existed only.
    Ehh,it was not as easy as that dude  
    And then finally retreated, duh 
  • An Dy member who disappeared in twitter and then suddenly appears certainly her graduation is dishonorable & not good 
  • Rizky Kurniawan clearly, the most Cornelia Stella graduation is the best 
  • Alex Utama Member who disappeared in twitter and then suddenly appears certainly her graduation is dishonorable & not good

    ^ Exactly  
  • Herdian Pratama that's because, stella, her graduation follow the procedure, if cigull, her graduation case is not honorable, the problem is because she directly states graduation, then it does not follow the procedure first
  • Yonathan Adi Prasetyo for example Octi, my oshi in team K, there is not a long time on twitter and then grad 
  • Signore Kyai if stella was clear she was struggling to build JKT48 and for herself. I highly respect even though she was not in JKT48. compared to the afa if it is true would reportedly to graduation. yikes, for whatever reason, she was weak (except for education and the parents or there is disease) it is still very acceptable reason  
  • Sarifatul Maulidia I'm happy because graduation from my oshi followed the procedure, so much people who respect it. :))
  • Rifaldo Chaniago This I think, some sign from JKT members who want to graduation
    1 Rarely tweeting
    2 Rarely perform theater or participate events
    3 Create a new twitter account / activate an old account without the knowledge of JOT
    4. tweeting the codes if she wants to graduate
  • Faisal Sal Sal Fajri dating => follow GEN3 => pass audition => broken love=> haunted by past => reverse love again => dating in secret => known by JOT => .......... #GEN3Story 
  • Rizky Kurniawan Kinal if you read this post please give advice to your friends if dating is just going slowly don't be rush.
  • Virgantara Damarjati But it seems JOT becoming aware of this (anti RKJ) ... btw, this could be thrilled if in time theater, when Afa perform, in the MC session, then Jiro go and say that Afa suspended .. like Minarun (?) 
  • Muhammad Abdillah II after pipit now comes afa and then who will follow them from gen 3 
  • Muhammad Abdillah II "This is what makes me upset, if I knew she was going to graduation, I'm going to throw stones at her when she was performing! Many girls work hard and go to JKT intentions but failed, she was given the chance even as this"

    that's all bro, life is cruel, sometimes many things that are not in accordance with the existing circumstances, so that makes us shaking head, furious, annoyed etc, just how to react to it.
  • Wawan Kurniawan Dear Andre J. Wibowo if this really belongs shaffa?
  • Andre J. Wibowo Dear Andre J. Wibowo if this really belongs shaffa?

    99% yup
  • Signore Kyai seeing the history: the year to join twitter and the number tweet is most likely that the original her mine   
  • Riawan Cally Better to play geisha song whose titled "Lumpuhkanlah Ingatanku (*Disable My Memory)" to forget afa problems who she made herself, bro... 
  • Wawan Kurniawan Well, members today is too bold free, dare to oppose, they are just beginning to enter the world of entertainment after all, but their style just like a sh*t,
  • Dmitrios Karaiskikas just like with my predictions, girls in third generation was only looking name in JKT although not all 
  • Signore Kyai feel sorry for the girls who cry out when they does not pass at the audition in the past. while they has passed even like this 
  • An Dy support the idol which had been a wota, bro. idol who was felt how to be fans far  as we are 
  • Mochamad Angga Bezt If seen anything like it, i feel sorry for the first generation from stage to stage (not TV) to hoist JKT48 name ... errr at the time next generation who lived during continued hard work instead behaved like this.

    And ignore the rules. We know some of us think rule 48 is rather silly and tight. But remember where they get the money? If this is likely to grow going to be people who take lightly and become violators of the rules.

    And if AJW says this 99% belong afa, then I do not need to respect afa. The reason for this is that if she can not obey the rules is not likely in the future wherever she is she feels great and would violate the rules.
  • Riawan Cally If Aki-P have intervened handling time audition 3rd gen, I guess its composition is much different than what we see today, bro.  If there are many members who like this, I can say that this is a failed generation of JKT and that fear is something like the 8th generation AKB48 where the 8th generation was immediately dissolved by him due to the members just want to famous only, broo 
  • Eka Putri Ananda if it was real to her, i hope she realized how feelings of the people out there who have dreams wants to be a member of JKT48
  • Wawan Kurniawan Being a lesson if you want to have the oshi from 3rd generation select just like a wota such as Kezia or Misel or a plain such of octa et al  -fatwa (instruction)-
  • Mochamad Angga Bezt Probably afa still belongs to the rich family. Her economic family is still good so She looking down her idoling career. Just hopefully her economy is stable. So she do not need to learn to work hard and learn to appreciate the hard work of others previously. No need  to bother singing 'shonichi' just to keep the spirit of facing life in search of money.
    Once again if it was 99% afa has the words 'conscious anyway', 'i do not care', 'Do not know, i just do not care' it's really shows that she does not respect about the rules and dismissed the person / institution ....
    Is this an idol attitude ? ....
  • Wawan Kurniawan Actually the problem is not the intention anyway, just look at the michelle? She was a rich man, has a restaurant or company, something like that, I forget
  • Mochamad Angga Bezt No need to attack her. If true she graduated. Even if after graduation she will still continue to talk this and that. They are just 'kids' in this attitude then it looks like all they are really lack adult

    Fans will judge for yourself ... the class was to what extent ..
  • ダニ プラスティア hopefully it'll be more observant JOT audition again in the 4th generation (if any), so that the chili market does not stray entered JKT48
  • Signore Kyai if it makes the news instead of damaging even good so people know that JKT48 fans is critical that would not accept so raw just because a fan. and the people will know that fans JKT48 who do not like members such a model like this 
  • Rizky Kurniawan stella oh stella, if all idol is just like you, idol definitely will taste bland 
  • Iman Kazunari which makes it not respect is that she made light golden rules. at the moment there are members who keep really golden rules in order not to violate, she so easily violated even if she managed to spit breaking the golden rule, the more respect to the member who violated the golden rules in secret and graduated as well, at least not she appreciate feelings of fans who support her during this ...
  • Mochamad Angga Bezt At best graduated (according to me) is stella, Onya, diasta .... Obviously, Neat, legitimate (there is theater show) and clear. Current relationship was so far so good .. lucky when watch at time her graduated. Tears everywhere
  • Edwin' Van D' Walker I just wonder ...
    Who s the jury Auditions 3rd Generation ??
    until it can be like this  
  • Riawan Cally I'm sure after this afa incident, going to a lot of members are going to follow in her footsteps and most likely I think that most of the 3rd generation all bro. I guess for the next generation, prospective members should think 2 times before entering into JKT and ready to accept the risks when it entered into the world of 48 groups. And most important for candidates who are members remember the motto of Yasushi Akimoto: "Something who called success will not be obtained if there is no hard work, tears, and sacrifices" 
  • Adhi Prabowo Kizaki ah ... I think even if afa want to create any sensation of it, it does not affect anything .. after all she's just KKS  ..
  • Mario after all, she wanted to create the sensation of what? could there be an outsider who knows if she is a member of JKT? 
  • Mario her answers of the above questions indicates that she, afa was not seriously get into JKT, entered with no mission, no purpose just like the event of trial and error but after successfully not want to go one step further. Members who like this by itself will wither and fall ... so feel sorry for the audition participants who have the will and purpose for going serious in JKT but do not qualify ..
  • Nurtamtomo Hadi Nugroho if she is serious in the world of entertainment, opportunity to enter in JKT should not be wasted .. Dentsu is a big company, can meet important people in the world of entertainment .. too bad, although hard at the beginning but it can build a relationship to enter in the world of entertainment itself later ...
  • Mochamad Angga Bezt Results chatting with fans JKT48 in theater about the news of afa graduation, trainees 3rd generation: 
    a. Do not know 
    b. Just 'oh..' 
    c. 'Afa? It is that "big" right? oh..'
    d. Who..? 
    Okay.... its not meant afa is not popular, but because she just not noticeable... so this is very different than the case of stella graduation. Occasionally she can still to talk, and appeared to pick wawa. Cleo, sonya, and nyash also now no longer a hot issue.
  • Arya Momonon Famz no longer sexy girls again bro 

  • source: ★JKT48 no Fansu!★ (Wallpost contents has been removed in accordance with the provisions of the group)


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