Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta continues to boost tourist arrivals to the capital city. Moreover, the capital city has tourism potential to attract foreign tourists. 

To realize the growth of foreign tourists visit, Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta make tourism promotion cooperation with various parties. One such effort is to making the vocal group being loved young people, JKT48 become ambassadors "Enjoy Jakarta"

As we all know, JKT48 group was formed in 2011 by adopting the concept of the Japanese idol group AKB48. 

Signatories specific agreement (MoU) for the promotion of tourism takes place in the Jakarta Tourism Department office with Dentsu Aegis Network/Indonesia as the management for the group JKT48, Tuesday (7/10) afternoon. 

The MoU signing is done by Chief of Jakarta Tourism Department, Arie Budiman with Country CEO Dentsu Aegis Network/Indonesia, Harris Thajeb. 

Chief of Jakarta Tourism Department, Arie Budiman said, their official has a number of specific strategies and programs in accordance to the market in order to increase tourism promotion activities in the capital city. 

"Incidentally, one of the major tourism markets in Jakarta were tourists from Japan. Therefore, we were interested to further enhance the Japanese market through cooperation tourism promotion with the group JKT48," said Arie, Tuesday (7/10).

Arie revealed, JKT48 will be invited to become an ambassador for tourism (Grand Ambassador Tourism ) to the Jakarta city. Therefore, the group JKT48 has high popularity not only in Indonesia but also in Japan. "We are optimistic that by inviting young girls of JKT48 group will provide a positive image and increase tourism promotion activity for Jakarta City," he said.

With this MoU, Arie continued, JKT48 group will be involved in a number of promotional activities both inside and outside the country. "Surely, JKT48 will be perform in various program of Jakarta Tourism Department such as Jakarta Tourism Expo, Road Show Jakarta to a number of countries including the promotion of tourism in Tokyo," he said. 

Country CEO Dentsu Aegis Network/Indonesia, Thajeb Harris asserts that this cooperation will further strengthen the relationship between Indonesia and Japan. 

"Jakarta Tourism Department hopes from Japan, AKB48 group could also come to see the beauty of Indonesia, and the potential for tourism in Jakarta and subsequently promoted to the people in Japan," he said. 

Added Harris, Japanese tourists who visited in Bali is usually to see the beauty of the beach. Whereas, if traveled to Jakarta, the travelers could see how great metropolitan city of Indonesia. 

Aside of building skyscrapers, the Jakarta City also has the potential of culinary tourism as well as people from all over Indonesia are in the capital city. 

"I see the beauty of the town, culinary and hospitality of people in the capital city could be a tourism potential that can be promoted to Japanese travelers," he said.


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