Monday, 6 October 2014

Talk about JKT48 is seemingly never ending. Dozens of pretty and young girls does have a charm that makes many men crazy about them. Be honest, you would be hard to choose one among dozens of members of JKT48 that you like.

Still, some of them are very popular that become a member favorite. Besides Melody and Nabilah which is already very well known, there is another one of the members who entered the ranks of popular, she is Shania Junianatha or known among fans JKT48 as Shanju.

Not many would have thought if a girl with tall and slim body is one of the youngest members. Yep, on July 27 last, the girl who born in the Solo city is newly 16 years old.

A very young age, beautiful, tall, and popular, many are predicting if Shanju step as a celebrity is still wide open. If you think Shanju only beautiful on stage only? It was clearly wrong because in her daily life, one of the front-liners JKT48 is also able to make you fascinated.

1. Being Old, Still pretty?

Her face while on stage to entertain fans JKT48 is very beautiful. In addition, her photographs action in some photo shoot that would suggest that Shanju has the talent to be a graceful adult women. The question is, if Shanju become old and appearing without makeup is still crazy by the fans?

Perhaps through this photo you can get the answer. With a photo application, Shanju make his face like a grandma full of wrinkles and hair completely messy after waking up. Hmm, do you still fond Shanju in granny version like this?

2. Likes Reading Comics 


What is the hobby of the ladies? Later when they adults indeed such things as shopping, collecting bag or heels into their hobby. But while they are still young girls, various cute and funny things like cartoons or comics are things that are favored by the girls was no exception with Shanju. 

The girl who likes meatballs as her favorite food is apparently happy to watch the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants as well as reading comics Hi, Miiko! Even the handsome Eguchi Tappei is Shanju favorite characters in comics from Japan. Hmm, do you also like Tappei?

3 Often Mistaken As The Older


Perhaps this is one thing that is disconcerting for Shanju. If some women are very happy to be considered to have a younger age than it actually is, then what is experienced by Shanju is just opposite. Not a few of them who always assume that Shanju more suitable as a girl who was aged over 20 years. 

In fact, on July 27 last, Shanju just 16 years old. Yep, in the ranks of first-generation members of JKT48, Shanju included as one member of the first idol group in Indonesia was the youngest besides Nabilah who was 15 years old.

4. Ensnare The Men Hearts

There is one thing that is so beloved by the fans JKT48 (mostly men) from a Shanju. It is her eye smile. Yes, indeed Shanju like Tiffany Girls Generation's when she smiles or laughs, then a pair of her eyes also looks like it's shaped. No wonder if it was because of this that causes Shanju much loved. 

Seeing Shanju laugh, then inevitably you will feel happy and cheerful. It seems that is the excess of Shanju to ensnare the men hearts. Well, do you also become a her victims too?

5. High Slim

Despite becoming the one of the youngest members in JKT48, Shanju is the tallest member in this idol group. By the age of 16 years, Shanju even reach the height more than 166 cm. Predictably if Shanju later will reach 170 cm because of her age is still in the growth period.

No wonder if she stand beside Melody who six years older than herself, then Shanju looks very high over the average. Not to mention that because of her slim and slender so that makes some girls will be quite jealous with physical gifts who are owned by this girl who was always on time.

6. Originally Still Young


With age she who still sixteen years old, that means Shanju still in high school. Recognizing that some fans have always teasing him by calling him Tanju (Tante Shanju (Shanju Aunt), it might makes she annoyed. Shanju was criticized for she hair style who have always seem more mature than her age are still so young.

Because she was still a teenager, was eventually tried replacing Shanju hair style and behold, she still looks very cute style fitting because this is true she was young. So, for you guys who want to make Shanju as a girlfriend please be patient until her age really mature!

7. Never Give Up 

With her tall slender body like a model, Shanju is already very attached to the entertainment world since early childhood. Armed with a tutoring role that she has, Shanju even appearing in commercials Yakult with Amanda who marked her debut as a celebrity. With unyielding spirit, Shanju also played in the sinetron (soap opera tv). 

In 2004 at the age of six years, Shanju had been involved in the sinetron Burung Beo dan Penari Ular. Although the time to failure, Shanju also played supporting characters in several sinteron in TPI (now MNCTV). Even girls with blood type B had joined in vocal trio Three Sano before joining as a member of JKT48


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