Friday, 18 July 2014

At first glance, this JKT48 members did look like a guy. Quite often she also called handsome by the other members. Ghaida herself also admitted that she was a little tomboy.

"Initially, I play in a metal band. originally I also do not like to dance. I'm not interested in anything like that., But because of the first I love Japan I was interested in getting into JKT48,
" she said at length.

Although once considered a guy at the audition, Ghaida not discouraged to prove herself worthy of being an idol with family 48.

"It turned out that I was invited to a final audition Jakarta, so trainees, and then I was elected, and eventually became a member Team J. In JKT48 I became "girl" because a short skirt like this,"
she said again.

source: Ghaida Jadi “Cewek” Gara-gara JKT48 (hai-online)


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