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Idol group JKT48 invites dozens orphanage from Yayasan Zammi Karina Indonesia to visit their theater in Senayan. This orphanage seem happy and enjoy the show staged JKT48 School.

In the event, almost all members JKT, from first generation to third generation were also present. In this JKT48 School event by 16 members acting as a pupil, and Melody became their teacher. School event itself is about 1 hour. The presence of dozens of orphans to the event as well as providing motivation to Melody and friends to show their best abilities on stage.

The arrival of the orphanage children to theater is not only to watch the members to 'school'. But as well as a donation handover ceremony of JKT48 and fans gathered through some charity event ever held during Ramadan. Donations were collected from three performance by team J, team K, and team traine, during the month of Ramadan. Money raised about Rp 145 million.

"This is the last event JKT48 School and the results of the charity fund event will we give to the orphanage,"
said captain JKT48, Melody Nurramdhani Laksani.

"We deliberately make three times raising funds, in order to raise funds as much as possible,"
said Melody, center JKT48, when found in Senayan, Jakarta.

"We all gave this by sincere and honest, hopefully the results be useful for all of you,"
said Melody.

Charity events like this is not the first time made by ​​JKT48. Previously, they've done it before. The difference is that in previous years they were come to the orphanage. However, this year the orphanage children were invited to their theater in Senayan.

"In the last two years we were coming to the orphanage. This year, we were invited to iftar with them,"
said Devi Kinal Putri JKT48 members.

Recognized Melody, charity event has become a routine agenda JKT48 held in each month of Ramadan. "This is the third time holding a charity event," she explained.

Moreover, this activity was more special because it is closed to the event to share with the less fortunate children before Lebaran holidays. "Alhamdulillah (*Thank God) the last closed by sharing," said Kinal.

The desire to contribute to people who need it have long dreamed up by the members of JKT48. And through a charity like this, they realize the dream of the orphanage.

"Glad to share, hope what we provide can be useful to them,"
said Andela, at JKT48 Theatre, FX Plaza, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (07/25/2014) night.

"We deliberately made ​​this event that has been planned for a long time. We want to contribute as much to our brothers in need,"
said Kinal.

Apparently, this year's charity event is an initiative from Veranda. "I was the first initiative to invite them here. Its Good, could be equally talk. There are some that could play music, we had been taught well," said the owner's full name Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja.

Total money donated Rp. 145.898.100 (12.600,23 USD). Not to forget also be given two pieces of musical instruments such as bass and guitar for the children in this foundation because many child who aspiring to be a singer and musician.

At the event last night was almost all JKT48 members present. Starting from generation 1 to generation 3. Not complete it if JKT48 to the theater but did not see them perform. Finally each generation then in turn bring 1 to 2 pieces of songs.

Realizing dream of orphanage
Many lessons were learned one of the idol group JKT48, Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja while visiting an orphanage. The reason, she became a member who was asked to visit and see first hand how the lives of the orphanage.

Recognized Veranda, she saw how these orphans learn. One fellow teach each other in a positive direction, such as teaching music to those who can not.

"Usually a visit to the orphanage just reached on the living room, but this time to see directly how their daily lives,"
said Veranda in theater JKT48, FX Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Friday (25/7).

Captain JKT48, Melody added, the lives of the orphanage at least make them grateful to those of today. In fact, it maketh the motivation to continue to be grateful.

"We must never snobby, we should be grateful to the current situation. Seeing them is so motivated to continue to be grateful,"
said Melody.

At the very least, further Melody, through charity event promoted, JKT48 can give hope to the orphans in achieving their dream.

"We see many of the children who had a chance as we. So we care to help them achieve their dreams,"
she said.

source: merdeka


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