Thursday, 24 July 2014

JKT48 in 2014 once again held a Pajama Drive Revival Show, where the setlist Pajama Drive special will be hosted again by 16 members of the fans choice. Where the 16 positions in Pajama Drive Revival show this time contested by all members and trainees JKT48, starting from generation 1st to generation 3rd, but in Pajama Drive Revival show this time there is one team member A who can not follow, namely Ghaida Farisya.

Ghaida Farisya in August-September 2014 must follow the course in Japan. Ghaida academic activities has been planned to Japan a year ago, so it can not be forced to follow Pajama Drive Revival Show this time. Lack of participation of the join statement Ghaida this time delivered via her twitter account.

"I'm sorry my friends I could not participate pajam revival this time ('· _ ·`)"
Ghaida said through twitter account @ ghaidaJKT48. "Due in August-September I was in the course of Japan. And this has been planned from last year. Please understand (*'∀ `*)" added Ghaida. To be able to follow this course in Japan, apparently Ghaida must follow specific test and is not easy to get that. After her return from Japan later Ghaida also promised to re-enliven JKT48.

To 16 members of JKT48 which will appear in the later Revival Pajama Drive is the result of the voting of the fans JKT48. There are two ways of voting is given, first through voting in Theater JKT48 sheet and the other way is to use SMS. SMS voting will be closed on August 15, 2014 at 22:00 pm. And will be announced the acquisition of the voting results after the close of the voting went. The 16 members who are selected will show setlist Pajama Drive Revival Show 2014 on 6 and 7 September 2014 later.

source: Program Kuliah di Jepang, Ghaida JKT48 Tidak Ikut Pajama Drive Revival Show (


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