Thursday, 24 July 2014

 Good news for all fans of idol group JKT48. After a long time does not have their own TV program, finally Melody and friends now have their own variety show. NET TV is preparing a new program. Programs that have a variety show titled iClub48 format will be broadcast next month.

This news was confirmed by Ghopta Chandra, as the management of JKT48. Chandra convey that to reporters Harian Indo (Wednesday, 23/07/2014) if their side and also Dentsu Media Group (gold media partner JKT48) has signed a contract with the CEO of NET, Wishnutama. Even so Ghopta Chandra admitted this cooperation does not hurt JKT48 contracts gold and platinum partener media as well as their media partner, MNC and VIVA Group.

A few teaser photos of iClub48 had already started to spread in social media. NET instagram account-was the first to upload it. IClub48 now a trending topic on the social media Twitter.

The presence of two members of JKT48 intensely on Ini Sahur NET TV program actually has led to speculation whether the station will make regular program for JKT48 or not. Some time ago a group that is now popular with singles Gingham Check is also briefly attended Sarah Sechan Show. JKT48's presence had make the show a trending topic on Twitter even to the scale of the World Wide Trend.



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